Porsche Without Xenons - Why?

So you bought the Porsche of your dreams, its amazing, a dream car for most, looks great, drives like a what you would expect.

You’re in the cockpit, turn the engine over and the sound…euphoric, distinctly Porsche, you have arrived!

Turn the lights on and that’s when the dream comes crashing down! What a disappointment, standard H7 halogen bulbs, in a car like this? Why? After all "lesser" cars have xenon lights, what went wrong on you Porsche.

The fact is, more often than not, the xenon lights are an optional extra.

We have given up on the number of calls we get when it comes to upgrading the factory fitted H7 Halogens with our H7 HID Kit on the Porsche.

Thankfully upgrading the Porsche Macan, Boxster, Cayman, Cayanne could not be easier, simply remove your factory fitted halogen bulbs which are held in by retaining clips and replace with the H7 HID bulb and ballasts.

Eeew, Expensive car, cheap lights!

Much better.

HID bulb in.

The result will leave you amazed, you can no see everything, and they look the part too! No one would ever expect this car to come without xenon lights from factory.

Happy driving,

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