What the H7 is going on!!

The H7 bulb, your steady companion, one of the most common halogen bulbs used by can manufacturers.

The H7 halogen bulb is common in cars from all over the world, you will find it in your Alfa's all the way to your Porsches and beyond!

I know! You cant see anything with the H7 halogen bulb and wonder if there is something better out there that wont break the bank.

Enter the H7 hid conversion kit, but not just any H7 kit, a pure canbus compliant kit that will not light up your dashboard like a Christmas tree!

So you know you need the H7 HID or Xenon conversion kit, and you are wondering what it would look like? Look no further, enter the little Cayman....

We were presented with this unhappy customer who had bought his dream car, and was more than a little upset when he turned the lights on. 45 minutes later, done, and the owner was more than happy he could see in the dark, he came back with the Maccan!

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