H7 Or H7R HID bulb what’s all the fuss about?

You have found your kit, you know it’s a H7 kit, but now even more questions!


So what’s the difference?

To answer this question first we must understand that lens type you have on your vehicle.

The reflector lens:

The reflector lens gives its beam pattern via the reflector, which is behind the halogen bulb (strange, we know!) Great if you want to drive and not be able to see diddly-squat, pretty pants if you actually want to drive in the night (and poorly lit areas).

When you upgrade your reflector lens with a H7 halogen bulb fitment, the only choice you have is the H7R bulb, why we hear you ask?

The H7R bulb comes with an anti-glare strip – this means when you put this type of HID bulb or xenon bulb in the beam pattern is not affected, more importantly you will not be dazzling oncoming traffic! Crisp, clear light.

If you upgrade the reflector lens with a H7 xenon bulb, you will have two main issues.

1. No focus of the beam pattern.

2. Dazzling oncoming traffic.

The projector lens:

The projector lens is a glass sphere embedded in the headlight; it focuses the light and concentrates the beam of light onto the road.

It is on this type of lens you can use the H7 HID bulb or the H7R bulb the effect is the same.

Thanks Autolights! but what do they look like?

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