H7 - Full Metal Jacket or Plastic Fantastic.

The H7 hid bulb comes in 4 main variants, but don’t worry they all work!

· H7

· H7R

Both of the above can come in either a metal base or plastic base.

This article explores the build quality element of plastic Vs metal based H7 xenon bulbs.

The question now is do you go for the cheap plastic base H7 hid bulb or the slightly more expensive H7 metal-based hid bulb?

Let’s cut the noise and get to the crux of it.

The cheap H7 HID bulb.


· Plastic base.

· Glue used to hold the glass shaft in place.

High failure rate, the glue heats up with the HID bulb and over time causes the glass shaft to sag.

The H7 plastic base will always cause fitment issues; the plastic base is always thicker than the OEM metal H7 halogen bulb as a result it becomes difficult to mount

The pricier H7 metal based HID bulb.


· Metal base.

· Ceramic coupling to hold the glass shaft in place.

The metal based H7 hid bulb with the ceramic coupling ensures that the bulb fitment is the best it can be and that the glass shaft does not sag. This bulb generally has a low failure rate.

The build quality on the whole is far more superior than that of its plastic based equivalent.

Its worth spending a little more on a H7 hid kit with a metal H7 HID / xenon bulb and know that you will have no fitment or premature failure issues.

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