E32 - 7 Series, History in the present and long into the future...

Once in a while you come across a car that transports you back in time, it can be any classic in all honesty, from the early 911's to classic fords, but on a rare occasion an e32 BMW 7 series rolls up wanting a little update in the headlight department.

When you sit inside a car like this you appreciate a lot of the simpler things while realising that comfort and prestige were never up for grabs, road presence still holds a prominent position, and the smells are distinctly from that era, not bad smells, but unique smells, a familiar smell from that era.


The high end 750i came with factory fitted xenons, namely D2S xenon bulbs.

The just as high end e32 735i had xenons as an optional extra, we were fortunate enough to work on one recently.

Surprisingly, the 3.5 variant had plenty of room under the bonnet and installing the HID conversion kits for all three sets of lights was very straightforward.

The dipped beam kit along with the high beam kit were H1 HID kits.

The fog lights, classic H3 HID kit.

Parking lights were upgraded with high power canbus T10 led lights.


Here is quick reference...

If you are wondering, the number plate lights are FESTOON LED bulbs (39mm).

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