Dirty '30 with a fresh set of eyes!

Ahh, the iconic BMW E30, speak to any enthusiast and this is one marque that keeps getting the thumbs up.

Thankfully the E30 variant came with projector headlights so when updating them with a H1 HID KIT for both the dipped and high beam made life a lot easier.

Simple plug and play, on a car that is so easy to work on as are the simple push in parking lights which look amazing when upgraded with a high power T10 / 501 LED

What about the fog lights we hear you ask?

Simple, its a H3 HID KIT and always has been!


Let us know what you think of this static image.


The classics were a simpler breed, no mind boggling tech which requires a rocket scientists degree! We still think to this day cars of this era were amazing, they may not be as comfortable as the modern cars of today, and yes, you will be physically tired driving a car of this era but, there is no denying that cars like this have soul!.


And here is one we modified and released back into the wild.

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