BMW E30 - A love, hate, hate, hate, love story

We got our E30 well over 15 years ago, it wasn't much to look at, and it was missing a lot of parts, but over time we managed to painstakingly put it back together, modifying subtly as we went along.

The thing with these classics, is that if the weather isn't right, its a tough ride.

As good as any classic looks, it can prove to be hard work, modern cars practically drive themselves, leaving you next to nothing to do.

The E30, demands your attention at all times! One little lapse in concentration and it will punish you.

No modern safety equipment, no ABS, power steering on later models, spartan in comparison with what rolls off the production line these days.

These classics, are temperamental, fussy, specific, picky, you will be constantly worried about leaving it in an unsecure public place, and that's if the car decides it wants to pay ball.

These cars are super rare now and are usually parked off road and out of the way waiting for that one week or if you are lucky the summer months) (for the real hardcore owners...ALL YEAR ROUND!).

That said, there is something about classics of a bygone era that is inviting.

Get in the car on the right kind of day, and all the things that modern cars offer you pale into insignificance.

These classic cars, like the E30 BMW allow you to do something that the modern cars are missing...the classics let you FEEL the road, the gears the engine working in synch, a HUGE smile guaranteed!

Our E30, had an interior refresh, and naturally we upgraded the front end with xenon lighting,

the number plate lights were upgraded with LED lights, to freshen up the rear end.

We are currently working on specific upgrades for this E30, and all E30's which include:

Ambient lighting.

Autolights function (when the sun goes down, the lights turn on!)

Rain sensing wipers.

And then some......

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