About Us.

It was a "light bulb" moment 12 years ago, when the founder decided that quality parts do not need to be over priced, and sometimes, just sometimes branding is a little bit over-rated.


We figured once the bulb is in, so long as the quality and aftercare are great, good folks just want to get on with things.

Having been 'schooled' by garages about what people need as opposed to what they want, we figured we would cut out the jargon and keep it simple, direct to the point, always, and its worked out pretty well for us so far.

We have built up a sizable reputation and supply end users, wholesale clients and even the competition. Along our journey we have worked with some heavy hitters when they were starting out, and that allowed us to foster great working relationships with like minded people.

Having worked on the prestige marquees all the way to the 'daily driver' what we have learnt is that your vehicle is your pride and joy, and what we all want is a decent product at a fair price without all the noise.

At Autolights you will not find 'hard sales', its all about day to day lighting advice and relationships, if we sell a few bulbs along the way, then great!